More of Mull


We had a lovely day a Tobermory … a very colourful little town.  Apparently it is famous because a British children’s TV show was filmed here for years so they get lots of people reminiscing about their childhood.  It is also famous for seafood so I tried lobster and oysters and have to say that Tasmanian seafood beats it hands down.  Still we had a lovely lunch and a great wander around.

I had read in the London Times that morning a list of the 20 best seaside pubs and the Mishnish in Tobermory was in the list so we visited these lovely young ladies to tell them and they were very excited because they hadn’t read it.

My favourite spot in Scotland was Calgary Bay.  It was just a gorgeous beach with sheep and rabbits wondering around and no other buildings except for a tiny cafe that wasn’t open.

It really was hard to capture the beauty of the place.

All in all we spent three great days on Mull then headed back to Oban by ferry and down to El and Bryce’s wedding.

One comment

  1. Loving the posts Lyn (and John) regards to both of you!

    Has Jean told you we will up Kiel way for a wedding / visit from 18th August ? case you are at a regatta there then.

    At Wilster in fact on the other end of the canal.

    Hopefully we can catch up if possible.

    We will go on from there to Berlin, Poland, Vienna, Croatia and then back to base at Regensberg..

    We come home October 8th

    Cheers Charlie


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