El and Bryce’s wedding at Crear near Tarbert

The setting for El and Bryce’s wedding was spectacular.  They were married on the beach on the most stunning afternoon overlooking the Island of Jura … a childhood favourite of El’s.  Upon arriving at the beach we were all presented with a corsage of flowers that El’s Mum, Eileen, had grown especially for the wedding … note the blackboard in the photos.

El requested that everyone bring a single stem with them and as she walked down the makeshift aisle on the beach El and her father collected the flowers and they became her bouquet.  It was such a lovely idea.  El said that she didn’t want to just walk through and not greet everyone … so this way she gave most of us a hug.

During the ceremony Bryce’s sister Phoebe tied a ribbon around the flowers and that was the bouquet.  They requested no photos at the ceremony as they just wanted us all to take part in it and enjoy it.  Consequently no photos yet of the actual ceremony.

The ceremony was overlooking the water and the Isle of Jura.  It was set up on a hill and had the reception room … perfect for 60 – 100 guests … in this case about 60 … plus 7 bedrooms, a great kitchen and lovely lounge area with a fire place.

I loved the way El and her mother had set up the room with fabulous single stemmed flowers and the view was spectacular.

The laughter started pretty early as the MC, Grant, announced the newly wedded Mrs and Mrs Flanagan into the reception room.  Unfortunately Bryce’s name is Penfold and El is Flanagan.  It was just a nervous mistake but got the night underway in a hilarious fashion.

Fabulous food, a great band, lovely lovely people … lots of dancing and lots of drinking.  All round a fabulous wedding.

The next day most guests went back for a fabulous lunch with fresh Scottish Salmon … a little rest in the afternoon and then back in the evening for leftovers.

On sunset Dara … El’s rather gorgeous brother … treated us to some classical music on the grand piano in the main reception area.  A moment to remember!  John videoed it so ask him for a look.

Next up … the honeymoon!



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