Malta!!!! … loved it!

I loooooved Malta!  Surprise surprise!!!!!!


I don’t know if everyone would love Malta, but it was just my kind of place.  What you have to take into consideration is that I hate humidity and rain forest!  This was the complete opposite ….. dry heat and barren with fabulous architecture and spotlessly clean!  I could quite happily live there!

So this trip included Xandy, Charlotte, Till and Hooz, Jacko and John and I.  We all met at the airport after the kids and Charlotte finished work and arrived abut 1 in the morning … late anyway.  We caught taxis from the airport to the lovely penthouse that Till had booked for us through AirBnb.  If anyone is heading to Malta and needs an apartment for up to 8 we could not recommend this place more highly.  The owners father was there to greet us and then David the owner turned up and showed us around.  He had a fridge full of food for us and explained how everything worked including the pool on the deck.  We were about 15 minutes from the airport and could see the ocean from the decks.

The next morning David, the owner of the apartment, took the three boys to the airport to pick up our hire van … which turned out looking like something out of Mad Max.  We didn’t have to worry about scratching it … every panel had a ding! Ha!  John was the designated driver and did a brilliant job.  En route back to the apartment the boys picked up groceries and grog for the weekend.

We piled into the van and headed down to the seafront for lunch at Marsaxlook.

The ladies were happy to browse the markets and snap away with our phones/cameras followed by a leisurely lunch right on the water.


After lunch it was time to start our exploration of the island.

Till was a bit tiwred !

We were headed to Golden Beach but came across one of the local untouristy beaches which we all loved!

As you can see from the photos below there was a lot of laughter all weekend!



Xandy and Charlotte have been friends since school and are hilarious together.  The Brits are so witty and fast!

I won the prize for the most time spent in the water … an hour … and it was rather cold.  There was lots of stretching and exercising happening on the rocks … there always seems to be a competition between the boys that John loves!  Then there was a hill to climb so we headed up for a trek and then headed toward home stopping at Mdina … which is the loveliest walled city that I have ever seen.  Great call Charlotte! Absolutely no visual pollution allowed.  There were some restaurants but they were only allowed portable billboard type advertising.  Jacko found a great restaurant for us and then we headed home for a very quiet night watching a chic flick … much to the boy’s disgust.  All in all a great day.

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