Gozo for the day


The big breakfast day 2 … thank you Hooz and Xandy.  As you can see we didn’t starve!

Gozo is the largish island next to the main island of Malta. We had to drive over an hour to the ferry and as it was Saturday we hit loads of traffic.  The ferry crossing was very easy.  We just drove the van on and paid on the return journey.

We stopped at a craft market that was crappy then headed to some beaches but it was rather windy so nobody braved it. We had lunch in a sheltered inlet that I can’t remember the name of … bad tourist!  Also visited a beautiful cathedral.  Ferry back … another longish drive … followed by a scratch dinner at home and a game of cards.

We had to be out by 10 the next morning so a bit of a scramble to get going.  David’s father helped us pack the car and then serenaded us as we left … hilarious.

We headed to St Peter’s Pool where there were loads of youngens partying and jumping off the  rocks down into the water.  Of course Hooz and Jacko obliged.  Then on to Valletta which is the capital and I think rather gorgeous!  A lot of the first series of Game of Thrones was filmed on Malta and it is really obvious when you get to Valletta.  It feels like you are in Game of Thrones.

John and I peeled off in Valletta and explored the city a bit and the others found a restaurant that they loved.  The owner was a champion … no menus … he just told them what to eat and they loved it. His wife was the chef and she was Sicilian. Apparently he fell in love with Xandy and gave her a rose.  We joined them at the end for a drink.

From there on to the airport to sort out the luggage and dispose of the extra groceries and grog!



Fabulous Crew! Thanks guys for a great weekend!  Next Year??????

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