Being Hippy Lalas in Bali

So we are off on another adventure … this time starting in Bali.  We have lovely friends getting married here at Easter so decided to tack on some extra time here to be hippy lalas before heading to Europe again.

We have just had three nights at the Serenity Eco Lodge in Canggu which is a yoga and surfing retreat.  Everything is organic and mostly vegetarian … one chicken dish on the menu.  The accommodation is basic but we do have air con and the yoga has been great.  Yesterday we did aerial yoga where you use a silk hammock plus hand and foot holds to do all sorts of contortions … mainly upside down.  Of course I sucked at it but managed a lot of the poses.  There was a lovely girl who is actually an aerial yoga instructor in America that helped me with some of the difficult poses.  John managed most and even managed to do an assisted headstand.  All in all it was a fun class … if very challenging.  While we were here we also managed a beginners class and a restorative class plus a couple of massages.  A two hour massage cost us $20 each … ridiculous … I promise I tipped the lovely girls!

The beach here isn’t great … dark sand and lots of rubbish. On a plus side the water is warm although I have only paddled. I’m looking forward to better beaches later in the week.

The food has been amazing although we haven’t managed to find any Asian dishes yet … it is all organic, vegan or fabulous western.  Fruit and juices are terrific so feeling nourished.

Last night we had the pleasure of being picked up by Mango a young lad that worked for us at the pub and is a great family friend. He took us for a drink at a lovely bar on the beach followed by dinner with his mum at a great restaurant. Varney and Mango have a large villa here and they run retreats. 

Today we are off to Ubud for two nights and then ??? Not sure for the next four nights.  We are still debating.  Then “The Wedding” weekend.  Jack and Sarah are flying over on Good Friday and we have booked a villa for the four of us so I am very excited to be spending time with them.

The very “salubrious” Serenity Eco Lodge!


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  1. Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures again. Have fun! Long email soon – promise! Thanks for yours. XX

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