image Blogging again … Hopefully!



Hi all … So I am off on another little adventure departing Monday evening. Looking forward to a couple of days with Till in London to get over the cattle class flight then we are both off to Toulouse for the weekend. Till will head back to London on Sunday and I will set off by train, bus and automobile to Saint Come D’Olt where I will regain the path where I left off along the Le Puy-en-Velay Camino. The plan is a very slow trek carting hopefully a very light backpack with me and flash packing! Hopefully 2 or 3 weeks meandering in France.  Nothing too strenuous!  As you will have noticed I am playing with WordPress in a vain attempt at trying to retrain this old brain of mine so that I can produce something remotely interesting. So there will be lots of blunders that you will get to hopefully laugh at.  Bottom line … Hopefully there will be some good snapshots!




  1. I was going to say that you couldn’t possibly be back in Europe yet when I realised that the girl the chair is MaryRose. You holiday photos at Keswick looked terrific. Talk soon before you leave. L MA x

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