Aswan back to Luxor







Back in Luxor we headed to the Luxor Palace which we could actually see from the top deck of the boat.  Once again a spectacular multi congregational structure.  I was hugely impressed by the avenue of sphinxes which they are still excavating and I think it was only recently realised that they run for about 3 – 4 km over to the Karnak Temple … both on the East bank of the Nile.



The cabin crew on the boat always had a surprise for us when we returned to our cabin.  They were ver inventive and kept us amused.  However, I could never find my sunglasses or a towel!



Next stop Karnak Temple … reported the biggest temple in the world … or it was! By this stage I was managing to envisage how magnificent these amazing temples would have been in their time. Glimpses of the colours still visible in hidden away places of the temple give you a glimpse of how beautiful they would have been 3200 years ago. The carvings and paintings are so well proportioned and so interesting … if only I could read hieroglyphics!
I love these colours together.
This lovely fellow was catching little fish in the lake at the temple and feeding them live to the cats. It kept us all amused for a long time.

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