More of the Nile cruise


 When we reached Awsan we went on a big  tour of the area.  We started with the  unfinished Obelisk.  Basically it cracked  while it was being  made …. so basically it stayed there..  Next stop  Lake Nassar and the Aswan dam.. Lake Nassar is huge and there are actually two dams.   The second one was built by the Russians.     


John was constantly trying to find something to amuse himself with.  He  got sick of looking at piles of old rocks!  He is such a philistine!

We caught a small boat out to the Island of Philae and visited the Temple of Isis.   



Terry and the giant steel wool.  Late afternoon we walked to the souk in Aswan, which after being in Marrakesh the previous week was very disappointing.  However, we did have a lot of laughs at some of the  ridiculous goods on sale.

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