Back up … more of Germany with Bea about 2nd – 8th August

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I am now trying to catch up on the months that I missed blogging.  At this point I should explain why it was difficult in Germany to keep the blog up.  First of all I was impatient with access to wifi but then I should explain why it is hard to get in Germany.  Basically if a restaurant or pub supplies wifi to customers they are responsible for what those customers download.  As in if you do something bag on the internet they are the ones that are prosecuted for it.  It explained a lot when I found out and as a business owner I don’t blame the Germans for not providing it.

Anyway, I am once again going to try and catch up.  However, I am going on photos because I don’t really keep a diary … so it will be sketchy …. but perhaps visual.

In these photos we are travelling with Bea.  The kitesurfing photos are of a World Championship competition at Saint Peter Ording.  As you can see the big has a very wide sand area which we drove on to.  We didn’t actually spend the night there but we did have breakfast there and had a good look at the competition.

The geriatric gymnastic photo was taken in a park where we stopped for a picnic lunch.image

This is one of my favourite photos … an older Germany sailor at Arnis … you can’t see it but his boat is wooden and beautiful.

Arnis is where Hans and Kristen have their holiday house.  Hans is the retired skin specialist and Kristen is a teacher.  They are great friends of Bea’s that we met in Starnberg.  We camped at the Yacht Haven in Arnis and spent three nights there.  It was their annual jazz festival.  We had a great time with them.  Went on bike rides, had a couple of dinners with them and of course went to the jazz festival.  They are all really lovely people.  Hans had his daughter and granddaughter Zoe visiting him as well.

All in all we had a great week with Bea.  I even swam in Arnis … one of my few swims for the year.  We dropped her off in Kiel where she caught a bus to Hamberg and a flight back to Munich.  Then we headed to Kiel for the 505 World Championships.








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