Sunday Outing – Malahide Castle, Malahide



Once again we woke up on Sunday morning and the weather was superb … 4 degrees but not a cloud in the sky … and it lasted all day …. well until the sun set at 4.15 pm!

So we jumped in the van and headed about 30 km south to Malahide and straight to the Malahide Castle which was both a very pleasant experience and surprise. Surprise because a lot of famous landmarks in Ireland are just ruins. The Talbot family had lived in this particular castle for 800 years and it was only sold to the local council in 1976 due to lack of funds … or rather lack of rich people to marry into to keep it going, from what I can figure.

Therefore, it was very real. The council do a fabulous job now in presenting it to the public with a great small museum, fabulous restaurant and very large gift shop. The second last fellow that owned it was Milo Talbot and he was seriously into the gardens which are now a great legacy to the local area. He passed it on to his sister when he died but death taxes got her to in the end and she sold it and moved to their sheep property in Tasmania with the same name. Don’t you just love the suitcase … wouldn’t it be lovely to still travel in that sort of style. Don’t think it would really suit my lifestyle though!

Good on the local council … it was a great experience.




This is a wine bucket … lead lined. As you can see from the blue skies it was magical weather. We strolled through the gardens and into town to check out the local harbour before heading home to watch benign tv! It drives me crazy … soooooo bad over here!

Today we threw some food the the van and headed north. We are currently near the very top of Northern Ireland in a pub owned by a sailing friend of Johns. Lovely people here … very quiet … in the middle of nowhere.

Tomorrow we will head to Belfast to visit another sailing friend. Stay turned!
I am hoping to get to the Christmas markets … we will see. It is a long coastline with lots of things to see and very few daylight hours!

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