Travemunde … Kuhlungsborn … better internet … try again!










Travemunde Contender German Nationals presentation night.  A good time was had by all.

First photo … all of the sailors.  Second photo …Luca, John and Chris, Third photo Gilbert (German), Chris (Pom) and Dena.  Fourth photo … Chris and Dena cutting up the rug.  Fifth photo …Sebastian (German) having a great time … lovely guy.  Sixth photo Dena and Chris really getting into it.  Seventh photo Sebastian, John and I.

We messed around the next day in Travemunde as we were a bit slow to get started.  Wonder why?

The next regatta was at Kuhlungsborn Germany, about 120 km east of Travemunde.   We arrived and set up camp about 10 minutes walk from the marina in an equestrian farm with 80 other Contender sailors.   All up there were 99 competitors for the Contender Europeans.   The camp was hectic but great fun.  The first night I did the loaves and the fishes and had the three lovely Danes next to us for dinner.



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