Hymer dealer … Jochen and Sonja’s


We had breakfast with Bea on Monday morning before heading off to the Hymer dealer north of Munich to get repairs done to the van.  We had to get the window and locks fixed from the robbery.  It turned out to be quite expensive.  Nevermind, it is all fixed.

Late in the afternoon we headed to near Ausberg to a shop that Bea and Susannah had told us about to replace our doonas.  It turned out to be a great shop and we got really good quality doonas on sale.  We then drove back to the Hymer dealer because they said they wanted to have another look at a water problem in the back.  So up early the next morning only for them to tell us that they think it is OK.

John made a snap decision to head up to see Jochen and Sonja on our way north.  Mainly because we could and as it turned out it suited them as well.  We are always racing in there and leaving again, so it was great to have two relaxed nights with them.  Sonja cooked us a great three course meal with hardly any notice and as it was a long drive we especially appreciated it.  I reciprocated the next night, but only came up with two courses.

I did five loads of washing and as it was perfect weather John strung up some rope and we turned their backyard into a Chinese laundry!

image image


This yard is an absolute credit to Jochen.  When we first went to Meckingsen they had just bought the house and the yard what just dirt.  There were loads of challenges that they had to face … in Germany most people have a basement and theirs is huge.  Jochen had to factor in dealing with all of the windows to the basement. Every six months when we would turn up we would see another huge improvement.  Once the whole front of the yard in front of the garage was dug right down.  Everything that Jochen does he does to perfection.  It is almost finished now and looks fantastic.

Jonathan is the most delightful child.  John and I have never seen a child eat as well as he does.  He loves his food but doesn’t seem to have an ounce of fat.  He is action packed.  He is two and a half and feeds himself.  He gets a huge amount of food on his spoon, gets most of it in his mouth and then wipes any stray bits off his mouth with the spoon. It is amazing to watch!  They are really good friends and it is always a pleasure to see them both and have a laugh.

Jochen and Sonya are great parents.  Jonathan gets a lot of attention from both of them but he is very well disciplined.  It is a delight to see the three of them in action.

We bid them farewell yesterday and John had to endure a rather nasty long drive on the highways heading north.  I really didn’t enjoy this drive as everyone was really aggressive.  Luckily we managed to pull up late in the afternoon in time for afternoon tea and a rest before doing an hour and a half walk around the town of Celle which we enjoyed.  I had a 15 minute run at the end of the walk and this morning the knees felt fine.  I am just trying to do a bit extra each time.

We had a good night last night and then drove on up to Travemunde today via the back roads which was a delight.

We are now camped up with the German Contender sailors and are as happy as larry …. and I am up to date with the blog!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will be here for five nights and it will be great for me to be in one place for more than an hour and apart from a little bit of re-organising the van … nothing to do but relax and look after myself.  A pedicure is desperately called for and hopefully lots of walking.

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