A visit from our other intrepid traveller friends


The day before the wedding MR and Bruce very kindly drove up from Lake Garda to see us for the night.  We had cups of tea and big chats down the hill from where the wedding was.

Then we all headed up there for dinner with Ryan and Abby and the other wedding guests.  A big night was had by all.  The five of us had a walk down the hill after dinner to our vans where we proceeded to have sticky wine, beers and the old Rum bottle came out.

Next morning MR being the domestic van goddess that she is cooked John and I scrambled eggs with truffles and toast.  Fantastic … just what we needed.  Then she whipped up a batch of plum jam and gave us a jar! It is great.

John headed off with Ryan for a while to help calm the pre nuptial  nerves.  Till, MR and I went for a big walk into Missiano … it wasn’t that long but a big down and then a big up.  Beautiful scenery with fruits trees everywhere.

image image image

It was a very pretty little town but unfortunately nothing was open except the ice-cream shop!

image image


We ran into John and Robyn, other wedding guests who joined us for an ice-cream.  The girl overloaded John’s and it ended up in a cup.  We got a lift back to the van with them … fortunately … because  I found John’s jacket in the car!

MR and Bruce headed off in the afternoon back to a lake near by.  As it turned out they had trouble with their brakes and had to get them checked.  They ended up staying at a lake for the weekend and getting the brakes fixed on the Monday.

John, Till and I drove up to the castle as we had booked a hotel room for the night for John and I to have a romantic night together.  We all got dressed and managed to pull it together to a reasonable level.  Very late that night after the wedding John headed to bed, I walked Tilda out to the van where she was sleeping and when I got back to the hotel the doors were locked.  So I ended up sleeping the van!  So much for our romantic night!

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