More Dolomites

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When John was with Andrew Ringwood he made Andrew drive the van down this very windy road and he road his bike down.  He is quite mad … especially when you factor in the fact that the bike is a complete heap of crap!


So on Thursday 10 July we finally got to do a proper trek in the Dolomites.  John had done this one before so knew that the track was pretty good.

Till and I both loved it.  She isn’t really a mountain person … reckons it always rains in the mountains and she does like rain … but she was gob smacked by the scenery.

We walked for about two hours to view a beautiful lake.  We had a coffee at a ski lodge and then turned back again.  We had a date with Mary Rose and Bruce in Missiano.  They were heading up from Lake Garda especially to see us for the night.

The walked back took a little less time.  I still had trouble with altitude sickness on this walk but felt that it was getting a bit better towards the end.  John said that he felt better this time around.  Maybe I will get better at it.


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