The Dolomites

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Tuesday 8 July we finally made it up into the Dolomites.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but we still managed to get a big food shop done in the town of Saint Urlich (spelling?) and stay the night in a car park.

Wednesday 9 July it was still raining so we went to a lovely big swimming pool that had internet (John had been there before) and I swam and used the steam room while John listened to the state of original on his ipad.

Later in the afternoon we headed up into the Dolomites proper and it was gorgeous!

image image image image

As the weather had cleared we decided to head up into the mountains for a trek even though it was after 7 pm.  We came across this very cute Mamut and from a distance it took us all a while to figure out what this animal was … it is a llama.

image image image image image image image

As you can see from one of the photos of John above it was really steep and stunningly beautiful.  I have to admit though … I have a serious problem with altitude sickness.  I get a headache and feel quite sick and have to go very slowly.  John and Till went up further than me the first afternoon as I knew that I had a steep downhill with the dodgy knees and wanted to start chopping up dinner before it got too late and I would be completely over cooking.

When they came back we headed way further up the mountains.  In the old van I would have been vomiting with fear of going so high up and having to negotiate so many switchbacks.  The new van has such a big motor that it does it with ease and I can enjoy the scenery.


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