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We left Garda on 7 July and headed in the direction of Trento … further north.  We stopped at this lovely lake along the way for coffee.  John had met the owners of the coffee shop earlier in the year.  Actually everywhere we went on this trip John new someone and they always remember him.  It doesn’t sound like him does it?


Unfortunately at Trento we copped our first bit of heavy rain for the year.  John and I both have a soft spot for Trento.  Several years ago John and I were training it on a short visit to europe.  One morning we raced for a train lugging our suitcases and jumped on, only to find that we were on the wrong train and it was actually going in the opposite direction to where we had planned.  We laughed when we found out and asked a passenger where he reckoned we should jump off.  He was a professor at the university in Trento and told us to jump off and have a night there as it is a great town.  So we did and loved it.

Till and I headed into town first and were puzzled by all of these really fit looking runners darting around the  town reading pieces of paper.  We decided that they must be on a university treasure hunt or something … then we saw the sign in the middle of the main square!


It was really very interesting and Australia seemed to be right up there in the placings.  We didn’t hang around too long as I said it was bucketing down, so we headed to the shops.

I bought a new pair of running shoes.  I forgot to mention that in Garda I decided that I would like to have a go at actually running.  So I enlisted Tilda to come with me so that she could give CPR if I had a heart attack. So we headed out at a fast walking pace and I increased the pace to a jog and managed to maintain it for a kilometre.  I was hugely surprised.  I knew that my legs were strong but didn’t think that I could actually run that far in one go … it had probably been 40 years since I had run that far.  We did a 6 km walk/run and I managed to run 3 km of that.  The knees pulled up ok and I was pretty happy so had a go at it the next day.  Once again I managed at least 3 km with the last leg being 1.5 km.  We will see how this goes … maybe I will need a knee replacement shortly though!!!!

Back to Trento … we had a couple of beers and internet in a cafe and then headed back to the van for tacos.  Unfortunately I got really sick and didn’t know if I was going to have a heart attack, vomit or the other thing! As it turned out it was the other thing about 1.30 am shortly followed by John.  Not fun in a van!  We thought it might be food poisoning but in the morning Till was OK so we decided that it was the beer.  The lines must have been dirty.  24 hours later we still weren’t great but then Till got sick … so in the end put it down to a bug of some sort.  Unfortunately it took us all a while to get over it.

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