Italy … a funny seaside place near Rome Airport


I flew from Pamplona to Rome and arrived very late on 22 June.  John picked me up and it was great to see him.  Reunions are always so much fine.  Keep the marriage alive!

He had found this spot in the afternoon and had dinner there.  Basically it was a restaurant right on the water opposite Rome airport.  About 15 minutes drive from the airport.  It has a huge car park and he organised for us to camp there the night.  We rocked up about 11.30 pm as they were closing and he introduced me to the owner and we bought a glass of wine, which turned out to be the size of a bucket, so we took it back to the van.  Then fireworks started that lasted for about half an hour.  Thank you Rome, what a welcome!

We had breakfast in the restaurant the next morning and just lay around under the shade.  Ryan Hardy and Abby were driving up from the Amalfi Coast and were headed our way for lunch.

image image image

We had some seafood spaghetti and Proseco.  I was just happy to be relaxed and not walking.  I was still hobbling around as my left foot wasn’t great.  A lot of massage by John.

After Ab and Ryan left we had a sleep and then back to the restaurant for sunset drinks.

image image

The restaurant was run by this lovely Italian family.  The father was so proud of his establishment. We thought it was great … a bit like something out of “The Castle” there was the odd plane flying overhead!  Ha!  The owner said to us in broken English “So tranquil” … yeah if you discount the planes!  But I have to be honest, I thought it was a hoot.  I was so happy to be in Italy with lovely friendly people.


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