Overview of the Camino


I can’t let the chance go by to thank this lovely lady!  Mary Rose Ramsden is an amazing lady!

You don’t walk beside someone for 41 days and over 900 km and not get to know them pretty well.

Every single morning she greeted me with a big smile and was always full of enthusiasm.  During the first couple of weeks when I was really sick she put up with me sniffling and blowing my nose every five minutes and was always compassionate and caring.

MR is mentally and physically one of the strongest people that I have ever met.  She could have completed that camino way way earlier on her own, but she was patient with me and encouraged me all of the way.  I am eternally grateful for her kindness and patience.  I couldn’t have chosen a lovelier person to walk with.  We had a lot of laughs along the way and became great friends.

As for Bruce Ramsden … he is just a sweetheart.  He was so wonderful to me the entire trip.  If he wasn’t carting my bag around and finding me accommodation … he was putting eye drops in my eyes or feeding me!

This year is my 60th year on this earth and I couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating it than being able to complete a big camino.  It was a fabulous walk and a wonderful experience.  So thank you Mary Rose and Bruce Ramsden!!!!!!!!

On a lighter side … dumbest question on the walk came from me.

It was the day that we had seen several horses and carts in the morning going in the opposite direction.  In the afternoon I saw some more horse prints.  I asked MR if she reckoned that they were the same ones.  She said “NO”.  I said “Why not?”  She said “because they are going  in the wrong direction!”  What a dick!

Dumbest conversation on the walk.  We had a big climb and had gone a fair way up.  We looked out over the view and MR said “Gee, we are up”  I said “Yeah, but we aren’t up there yet”.  She said “But we are upper” I said “But we aren’t uppest!”  And that was from two reasonably intelligent human beings!  You have to do something to keep yourself amused on long days and big climbs!


  1. I’m not sure if my comment was posted so I’m writing it again. Sorry if you already got it. I said I’m in awe of both of you! I think that’s a fantastic achievement and I promise never to complain again when I have to walk a few kms!! Xxxx

  2. I am disappointed that you have finished and I don’t have camino posts to look out for. Thank you for sharing and I feel as if I know MR too. I look forward to your next adventure. xx

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