Monreal 27 km


And so the road continues!!!! This was our second last day.  We were starting to really push to get it finished. Even though the terrain had become quite hilly again we decided to put in a big day of 27 km.



It was a tough day but fortunately at the end of the day it was easy to find Bruce.  He had found a great spot for them to camp and had figured out where the Casa Rural was that I had booked.  He helped me carry my bag up as it was a steep hill.

That night I had another pilgrims meal across the road from my accommodation.  I am not sure if it was a albergue or a soccer club … I was too tired to figure it out.  However, I sat with three French pilgrims and had a great meal for 9 euro.  Four courses and wine!  A great pea soup, white asparagus, veal and a great custard dessert.  None of us bothered to drink much … we were all just too tired.

I had a great bed that night, popped an anti inflammatory … the first one in six weeks and woke up feeling great.  I was so sore when I climbed into bed and I knew that I had the biggest and last day tomorrow.


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