Sanguese … a dump that we all hated!


It was a very scenic walk out of Ruesta.  It was a very hilly day with a rather large climb.  Fortunately not much of a downhill.




We stopped in a great hilltop town called Undues de Lerda.  Of course we nicknamed it “undies”.  We met the local school teacher and her seven pupils.  A mixed class of ages and nationalities … two Romanian sisters and one little Portugese girl, as well as the Spanish students.

The lovely teacher pointed us in the direction of the only bar and the lady there cooked us an omelette thingy on bread.  We splurged and had a coke and a coffee and MR surprised me with a chocolate.  We grabbed the glossy magazines from the bar and sat outside under a tree in the shade and had a lovely relaxed two hours there.  The time just flew by.  It was a real treat to do something girly!

image image image image image

I love these photos of MR.  So symbolic for me … she was always making sure that we were on track and always knew what lay ahead of us in case we lost the camino signs.  This was an afternoon snack and check under a great old olive tree.

We walked into Sanguese … it seemed to take us hours to get to the centre of the town … which wasn’t really that big but was butt ugly and the people dodgy.  We couldn’t find where we were supposed to meet Bruce and we had to get him to come and pick us up, which was no easy task with lots of one way streets.  We stayed out of town at the only decent hotel and had a drink on the verandah in the afternoon.  MR and I were a bit tired after the big uphill today and the drink went straight to our heads.

I was still finding the Spanish people very abrupt … mainly because of the very harsh language.  I really do find it hard to deal with.  However, the lady here was really good to me and I came to realise that they are really very nice, they just sound harsh.

However, we all nicknamed this town “shitville” and were glad to get out of there the next morning.

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