Ruesta … and my first Albergue!


This morning I had breakfast in the cafe next door and then we headed out for the day.  I was feeling a lot better.  It was a 22 km day.  The landscape was through golden wheat and oat fields and some very strange moonscape type eroded hills.  We were really in no mans land. Once again Bruce managed to find us and we had lunch and a nap in the van.  Wonderfully refreshing!

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Bruce met us on the track this day and we all walked in the last hour together.  He had driven to Ruesta, booked me a private room in an albergue, thank goodness!  Otherwise I would have been in a bunk bed with everyone else … I know that I am a princess, but I can’t stand that.

He said “if you think last night’s town was the end of the world, wait until you see this!”  It was literally the ruins of a town.  They had flooded the valley below many years ago to form a damed lake and the town was deserted and in ruins except for the albergue with the small bar attached.  That was it.  There were lots of pilgrims staying there as we were now in Spain.  Bruce, MR and I had a pilgrims meal in the albergue.  It wouldn’t have been a camino without one albergue.  That night we met Kristian, the Swede who was doing his sixth Camino France.  Really!  Wouldn’t you think that he would try another one.  Horses for courses.  We think that he was looking for a bride … or a groom … not sure!

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One comment

  1. Some nice photos, you doing really well.Yes some of those Spanish towns look dead and lost in time.
    Sent you an email can you please read it.
    Take care and keep writing.
    Love Rosa

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