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We cheated a little bit the day after the Col …. we drove down the bitumen road for about 7 km … I had had enough slogging it downhill and we both were happy to miss this bit.  During the morning we went into a cafe and met up with a Japanese guy we had seen on the walk.  His name was Tatsuma … just call me Tats.  However, of course we nicknamed him Nippon.  He was a bit spooked because some young Spanish guy had told him that he had been walking all night and had another 30 km to go to reach his sick grandma … oh and of course he only had 10 euro.  Nippon asked if he could walk with us because he was scared of this young fellow.  Really!  Anyway, he walked with us.  He had actually got a bus up to the Col the previous day … we saw him up there but then didn’t see him on the way down.  You wonder where he might have gone … caught another bus we reckon.

Anyway we were very nice to him and had a bowl of soap in a a restaurant at lunchtime, then MR and I decided to lie down and have a nap.  Nippon headed off, then five minutes later he came back and told us that there were danger signs ahead and he thought that it might be avalanche country.  We just looked at each other.  Yeah OK.  So off he went to catch a bus.  We couldn’t sleep because ants were eating us so we walked on.  Avalanche!  It was a river bed … the actual beginning of the Aragon River, and the signs were warning of flooding.  Oh, by the way, he could also speak Spanish as he had lived there while studying.  Any excuse to ditch the camino and catch a bus we reckoned.  Then low and behold about half an hour later he walked past us.  Obviously there weren’t any buses today!  We never did see him again after that … not quite sure where he disappeared to.

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Bruce met us in the rather large town of Jaca.  We went to the church and the tourist information to get our compestela stamped.  Bruce had found a great bar for us to have drinks.  Bruce and I rather like Tinto Verano which is red wine with a bit of slightly sweetened carbonated water, ice and lemon.  MR loves a cold beer on a hot day.  We were right royally entertained by the gathering of a wedding party.  The groom was there in his military uniform, sisters, mothers, friends etc.  It kept us very entertained sussing out all of the fashion and people watching.

The bride arrived and was met outside by the groom.  Everyone went inside followed by the bride and groom and then a couple of minutes later several of the young women came back out to finish their drinks … we reckoned that they were slappers!  Kept us entertained though.

I had a pretty good hotel that night and MR and Bruce were in a square just down the road.  The hotel had a small spa downstairs.  So I had a soak in the spa followed by three sessions in the sauna.  I was very careful though as I decided that I had hammered my body enough.

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  1. Good to hear from you all good here Londas birthday on sat we had lunch at the gv turned into dinner And we all had a good night Beautiful weather if a little chilly jan is back from Vietnam but off to Singapore Again on sat Robyn is going too to see the new baby again Not much other n ew s hoping to go back to golf soon the legs are nearly better Still having dressings twice a week will ring daisy tonight to see. Hi w she is going love mum

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