Up and over! Yeeha!!!! …. but not down yet


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Well after looking at these beautiful mountains we are now in the middle of them.  Yesterday we went up and over the Col du Somport and are now on our way down.  The top photo is a shocker but you had to be there.  I wanted Bruce to take a photo of us jumping in the air … like the Toyota thing.  Unfortunately we could only jump about 3 inches off the ground!

It was a tough walk up and believe it or not … we were surprised … we actually got a bit of altitude sickness …. not actually sick but just really slow.  Couldn’t really fill our lungs, a slight headache and even though one stretch toward the end was pretty flat, grass underfoot … perfect … just couldn’t move.

Bruce was at the top to meet us.  We had a well deserved cup of tea and a bite to eat and started down.  It was  OK for a little while then got a bit nasty.  Edging down on my bum isn’t fun.  So we headed for the road for the last km to the hotel.  Today we have 22 downhill … 12 of which might be tough.  Add a hangover and it will be a hard day.  First night on the grog … I celebrated getting over the Col!  I hope that I can celebrate getting down it!

I will catch up on previous days tonight hopefully.

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  1. Great photos Lyn & mammoth effort I think!…good on you.

    Fantastic news about Tilly’s job, we are so delighted for her, haven’t they done well!!!.Kate & Anna see them quite a bit.We are all very excited to hear Xandra will be here in August. yay !.

    Sending love from us all, Patricia

    ps ) Just finished Ancient light by John Banville, an odd story but beautifully written & a good introduction to his books, I think it is is part of a trilogy  but it didn’t matter that you hadn’t read the others  .I have just started Waiting for Sunrise by William Boyd.

  2. Well done to you both. I am continually amazed at the toughness you show day after day. Love your blog. X

  3. Fantastic, Lyn! I’m in awe of you and your friend. I’m exhausted after 10 kms!! Have enjoyed all the photos and stories although I probably could have lived without reading about the poor geese! Love, Marg xx

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