Seeing as the path along the Canal du Midi was so good, we decided to bike it again … but I wanted to shorten the distance.  MR said 21 km … no worries.

As it turned out she either miscalculated or was just trying to make it sound easy, as we did about 30 km … and pretty easily I might add.

It was a really lovely ride.  There were loads of people on the path with panniers and bike trailors.  It would actually be a fun trip to do if you like bike riding! Ha!

We stopped for coffee and talked to people at the locks.  We met Cynthia, an Australia who lives in New York.  She was lovely so we chatted to her for a while.  She is biking from Toulouse to Cape D’adge.

We were finished by 12.  Once again Bruce loaded the bikes … however, we were a bit more helpful today.  MR made us lunch in the van … a lovely salad with pate, chorizo and cheese.  Then Bruce drove us through Toulouse to L’Isle – Jourdain.

MR and Bruce have been to Toulouse a couple of times and really don’t like it.  Combined with the fact that it would have been a really long walk through lots of suburbs, we decided to ditch it.

When we got to L’Isle MR and I went to the tourist information to find somewhere for me to stay and them to park the van.  Because I had been a nuisance the previous night, I decided to just take the closest hotel.  It is horrible! Ha!  Payback for last night.  It has orange carpet glued on the back of my bedroom door and dead fish in the fish bowl in the dining room!  Just gorgeous!  Nevermind, I will survive!

Tomorrow we are back on the road … walking … however, there is talk of a diversion to a restaurant on Sunday.  I’m not sure if we will ever finish this walk … but I can tell you it is fun in the meantime.

image image image image image

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  1. Sure sounds like fun! I especially like the dead gold fish! Hope your friend’s feet are surviving. Xxx

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