Chambre D’Hote La Masquiere … along the Canal du Midi


On Thursday 29 May we decided to pull the bikes off the back of the van and ride for the day.  There were two reasons for this … one … MR’s feet weren’t in real good shape … and two … the path the previous day was great and we had to follow the La Rigole all of the way for the day … about 35 km, so figured it would be like the end of the previous day … flat clay.

So off we went excited about our bike adventure.  By the second hour I was seriously over the bike ride.  The path stayed  flat and smooth for about 3 km and then got really nasty for about 25.  Thin tracks covered in roots. So it went bump, bump, bump.  Just ask any member of my family how good I am on a bike. Not!  I was petrified that I would fall off and wasn’t game to take my eyes off the track.  That was a bit of a shame because the scenery around us was pretty gorgeous.

About the 28 km mark we hit the Canal du Midi … which is gorgeous.  The path improved immensely and was a pleasure to ride on.  Unfortunately, by then the damage was done.  MR as always was jollying me along with encouragement. Then we came across what we thought was a shortcut to the gite that I had booked for the night.  The flat dirt path soon turned into a muddy hill and MR started fishtailing.  We both jumped off and lugged the bikes 2 km up the hill to find the gite.  Things got worse when the gite owner came out and scowled at us.  The gut feeling went … nuh!  I’m not staying here.  So off we went up a tar road to find Bruce.

Poor Bruce had to load the bikes back on the van and deal with two very exhausted ladies. Then he had to drive me around to find somewhere to stay.

This time I hit the jackpot as we found this gorgeous Chambre d’hotel right on the banks of the Canal du MIdi.  It was a restaurant as well but I was the only one there.  My room was gorgeous. After a warm welcome and a cup of tea I showered,  snuggled into the lovely soft dressing gown and went to sleep for an hour or so before the owner cooked me a fabulous meal.  Back asleep by 9 pm.  No partying on this trip.

I found out the next morning when I was eating my home made apple cake for breakfast that the previous day had been a public holiday and that was why there was no-one there.  Wasn’t I lucky that they took me in at short notice!

image image image image image




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