Dreuile 24 km


MR's new boots have played havoc ... only by the grace of God go I!
MR’s new boots have played havoc … only by the grace of God go I!

We had a really nice walk this day.  Stopped at Soreze for coffee at a sleazy Tabac.  Managed to get a stamp in our compestela from the tourist information and walked through the next town … Revel.  It had a lovely centre with an old market in the middle of the town

We bought a cake at the patisserie which was a good excuse to set up the rest of our picnic lunch and munch away.

image image image image image


The last 7 kms of the day was along this lovely path right next to the La Rigole  … river I think, although it could be a canal.

Right towards the end of the walk MR who had been very brave all day had to stop and bandage her little toes.  The new boots had taken their toll.

We were both very pleased to see Bruce and his trusty truck very shortly after this.

I stayed at an extremely clean gite with my host Augustine from Quadelope.  She was very kind and gave me a huge bag of fresh, cold cherries.  After a shower and a rest I walked back to MR and Bruce and Bruce and I cracked open a bottle of Pastis.  Bruce poors rather large portions!

Back to Augustine to have dinner with her.  She was a lovely generous lady but couldn’t cook to save herself.

The next morning I asked for boiled eggs as I am trying to minimise the bread … they were rather runny … I managed to down one but in the end had to cover the other one with the serviette and run!

… by the way the previous night’s dinner in Dourgne was fine.

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