Tuesday 22 April … a caravan park on the coast in France???

After we dropped the kids off at 5.15 am we drove to Figueres in Spain to go to the Dali Museum. I am always nervous motor homing in Spain. There is so much unemployment that crime is rife.

We parked in the middle of the town near the maccas. We managed to go back to sleep until about 11 am. Did the usual internet catchup and then headed into the town to find the Dali Museum. Finally found it and there was a queue a mile long. At least a two hour wait. We were bang smack in the middle of the school holidays. As I hate queues and I had been to a fabulous Salvatore Dali Museum in St Petersburg Florida, we decided to give it a miss.

We drove back into France via the back roads. It was quite an interesting area as we hit the old border. There were outlet shops on the Spanish side, so we decided to head in and have a look. Not to my liking really but the supermarket was really cheap. John was amazed how cheap the alcohol was. A bottle of Pastise for 7 euro. Then when we hit the French side it was the same thing again. What it did produce however, was a huge traffic jam.

After we got through that area we headed to the coast where we found a caravan park and spent the night doing five large loads of washing. Four of us in the van in cold weather tends to produce a fair bit of washing. Not to mention that we went into Easter with things needing washing anyway.

It was a great caravan park. The franchise was Yellow. Best showers I have ever come across in a caravan park. Huge, fast washing machines and dryers, three swimming pools, water aerobic classes and right on a rather nice beach. There was a bakery and a butcher shop … fairly impressive!

John had a swim of course the next morning and then we headed off along the coast again in the direction of Arles.

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