Easter Monday … French and Spanish Coast, Roses and Girona

Hooz trying to kill Matilda!

Tilda trying to kill Hooz!

The boys jumped up headed down into Collioure for a swim. Till and I had a shower and passed them on the way back into the village. We wandered around the shops and had a coffee.

By the time we got back to the van the boys were showered and were cooking breakfast. By the time we got going it was midday again.

We drove along the French and then the Spanish coasts into Roses where we had a walk along the ocean front, lunch in the van, followed by a little rest before heading into Girona to have a look.




Hooz looking like Gomer Pyle … very handsome!

We rather like Girona. We came across a ruined medieval castle that had been turned into a giant park. We never did find out what it was but it was lovely to walk through.






I love these photos … a rather ghetto area, but it looked great nevertheless.

We decided to have drinks and tapas in the main square and John invited a young girl from Hong Kong to join us as she was on her own. She was very sweet, had travelled extensively and appreciated having people to share her tapas with.

After dinner … which as it turned out was very late … we headed to the airport to try and get some sleep before waking the kids at 5 am for their flight back to London.

John and I really enjoyed the weekend and we look forward to more time with them wherever it may be!

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