… the view from the van where we stayed the night right on the river in Arles.

My internet credit managed to get eaten up over Easter as the kids were hot spotting off it. That wasn’t a problem at all, just trying to get it topped up caused a few dramas. We went to one Orange shop and he told us we could get three months and 3 G for 35 euro. Beauty … yes please. Oh, no we don’t sell it here, you have to go to a Tabac.

So we went to six Tabacs and they couldn’t help us. Finally, we went to the tourist information in Arles and they sent us to another Orange shop where the guy sold it to us straight away. Orange … get your act together!

We really liked Arles … it is a very historic town with huge Roman ruins. As we knew that we were heading back there the following week we didn’t go into any. However, we did spend some time in bookshops looking for a particular walking book. Didn’t quite get the one I wanted but it was ok.


This is the great view that I woke up to the next morning.

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