Collioure … Good Friday


On the Thursday night we stayed at a great aire right near the border of Spain. It was a storage facility for long term parking of motor homes … it looked really professional, so really good to know.

We drove into Girona and picked Till and Hooz up at about 11 am. There flight was on time and even though they were tired they were very excited to join us. As you can imagine I was pretty excited as well. We had enough food to feed an army … but as it turned out we managed to munch our way through it over the next four days and nights. Fabulous to have a big fridge.

We headed straight to Collioure on the French coast. Once again Till, Daisy and I found this little gem on our trip a couple of years ago and Till wanted to go back. John and Hooz had never been there, so it was a great choice. The weather was good for about three hours … but we didn’t let it mar our weekend.

The first stop was this great picnic spot.




After are huge brunch we headed to the aire which was a good one … we even had electricity.

The town was about a half hour walk downhill … which was pretty perfect.

Till bought a new pair of red espadrilles … she walked straight to the shop that she knew from last time. The boys headed straight for a swim.


It didn’t take Till long to stretch out and try and get a bit of well earned sun. Unfortunately the sun didn’t play the game and disappeared pretty quickly.

We had a wander around the town … out to the jetty, followed by a coffee. Hooz loved it because it had huge lumps of hard cream in it.

We were all pretty tired by late afternoon so decided to head back to the van and have dinner there. We had great nibblies, too much red wine, roast lamb in my new oven … did I mention I love it!

The sunset was pretty spectacular as well.









All in all a great first day!


  1. Sounds wonderful. I am always so pleased to see a blog from you Lyn. Beautiful photos too!!! Keep it up. Xx

  2. God I am so jealous. You are living the dream of all of us. The parts of Europe you are getting to see are just divine. Fab photos too. You’re outdoing me totally now.
    Miss being with you but know you will be LOVING Till and Hooz being there.
    Xxxxxxxxx Fi

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