Bequia and St Vincent

So …. we had a couple of more days on Bequia and ran into Jill and David again … they kept popping up … it was funny.

On a sad note we met a lovely Englishman and his Norwegian wife. He was a yachty and an absolute character. One of those people that you think, what a great guy … I think we are going to see lots of you. We swapped email addresses and planned to visit them in Spain later in the year. Long story short, his boat blew up a couple of days after we met him. His wife had flown home to Norway, but unfortunately he was killed. It was dreadful when we found out … the Henry’s sent us a newspaper article. They met them the same time as us and spent more time with them after we left. The moral of the story, you never know when your number will be up … enjoy every minute while you can.


Do you reckon those eggs are going to make it! Chaos on the dock the morning that we boarded the ferry to St Vincent. It was very interested watching all of the comings and goings. They have a half an hour turnaround to get everything on and off. It kept us amused!

We sailed to St Vincent and got a taxi driver to give us a tour of St Vincent for an hour or two. This is a current womens’ prison … still in use. It gives you some idea of how poor St Vincent is.







We went up to an old fort and then down to the botanical gardens where the photos above were taken.

I love my camera! We had a guide who was a lovely guy … the photo of him being silly. He showed us a cinnamon tree where we rubbed the bark and the smell was amazing and the pod below is nutmeg and the pod in is hand is when it had fallen off the tree and split open completely. I found it all really interesting.

This is the place that our taxi guide dropped us for lunch … right next to the airport …. great food, followed by a flight to Barbados, which was very bumpy!

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