Barbados … round three!



We had one night in Barbados at the end of our Caribbean adventure awaiting our flight to London.

This time we stayed in a completely different place … right near the airport on the south east corner of the island. As you can see it was an amazing kitesurfing, windsurfing spot.

We had a quick swim in the ocean when we arrived … which was latish, and then we had to head into St Lawrence Gap for dinner. We caught a bus … you know they consist of a twelve seater van where they squash everyone in … but who can complain they cost $1 each however far you go! This particular journey was horrendous as there was heaps of traffic … Friday night … and the radio was playing full volume. The thing with the West Indians is that they can’t just let music be playing … they have to have a DJ yellow over the top of it. Bloody awful! Anyway, good meal and then an other bus to pick up our luggage, followed by a bus all of the way across the island back to our hotel. All very entertaining and of course very, very cheap, so who is complaining!

A rather nasty blue bottle that I saw on our morning walk! It was about the size of my hand!

Me enjoying my last bit of warmth before packing up and heading to London!

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