Bequia … heaven!

We caught the ferry from Union Island (my least favourite island) via Mayreau, Canouan and St Vincent …. from there another ferry to Bequia. Another 6 hour travelling day … freezing cold on the first ferry (5 hours) managed a little sleep on a very uncomfortable steel bench out in the open. Travelling around these islands by ferry isn’t that pleasant … but getting to Bequia was well worth it. It is very beautiful my favourite place in the Caribbean so far and our final destination for this trip. We decided to stay here. Yes … we could keep moving around but we love it here so have decided to stay here until Friday 21 when we will catch a ferry to St Vincent and a flight to Barbados. We will fly to London next Saturday 22 arriving at 6 am Sunday morning.

The reason being, we have met a lot of English people that we would like to visit this trip. So we plan to hire a car and head out to the country. No set plan yet … that is John’s responsibility … he can email everyone and set up an itinerary.

Back to Bequia … John found a cheap apartment for us to stay in. I hated it, got eaten alive by mosquitos but hung in there for the three days that he had paid for … then yesterday morning got up early, headed up the hill and booked into this gorgeous little apartment with a fantastic view and a pool about 10 steps down the hill. We plan to stay here until next Friday and I am in heaven. It is clean, a huge mosquito net, cooking facilities and even air conditioning … perfect. About a 10 minute walked down to the beach and then another 5 minute walk from there to all of the great low key restaurants and bars … plus supermarkets etc.


This is the view from or window.
We have done a lot of walking in the last couple of days exploring the island. We have managed to meet some interesting people. We spent yesterday afternoon chatting to an interesting kiwi couple that have spent the last 8 years in Dubai and Abi Dhabi. They bought a boat in England last May and have been cruising ever since. They are heading down to Mayreau today and offered for us to join them, but I didn’t want to do it as it would have taken us another 6 hours tomorrow to get back here! Couldn’t see the point.

We had a swim on a great beach in the late afternoon … swam around to the next bay … lots of fish to look at. About a 40 minute swim … a bit more training.








Late yesterday afternoon we ran into Jane and Graham … an English couple who we met on a couple of the ferries. We had a few rums under the trees at the Gingerbread House Hotel … gorgeous spot. Followed by a meal at Mac’s Spot.

Today we have been a bit lazy … changed some flights, wrote emails and were feeling guilty about not going out … but now it is raining … pelting down … so happy as larry to be a bit lazy!

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  1. So… Having a wonderful time, wish I was there! How long could you spend cruising those islands? Too much fun, sun and relaxation is never enough!

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