Munich, Germany

Bring back memories for anyone???? It certainly all came flooding back to me … large beer stein in hand, standing up on the seats singing along to the songs! What a hoot. I loved it … Oktoberfest … the worlds biggest fairground … not to mention teeming beer tents and everyone dressed up in great costumes.



We met up with Leandra and Max and their lovely boys Josh and Luke. Josh’s girlfriend Tessa and another friend of theirs from Brisbane, another Josh. We had a great night. Not feeling too good today though! Ha!

We are meeting them for lunch again today and then heading down to Starnberg to meet up with Gert and Bea.

We had a good trip across several borders …. we drove from the middle of France and stayed near Lake Konstance, which is bordered by France, Austria and Germany. We were in Germany and John managed to find a boatshow to go to. He enjoyed it and the parking lot had showers so we were able to spruce up before leaving. That night we headed to europe’s largest motorhome dealership just north of Munich. We arrived late, just in time to find an English speaking salesman and organise an appointment to have a good look around with him and get a quote to trade in our van. We looked at an ex rental and are considering it. We will see what our usual dealer can do for us in Dortmund, but at least we have a quote.


  1. Hi lyn, Were you OK visa wise leaving France?. Just to let you know that the money went through to the Boarder Agency on 13th June (they had had it for over two weeks) so obviously they go at snails pace!. Keep having fun!. Love P x


  2. I sent you a big long message on reply but I don’t know if I did I right let mr know if you get it Mum

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Haha it brings back plenty of foggy memories for me! Claudy Lennon and Jack Brown will be there this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks xx

  4. Hi Lyno Yes the memories I can remember and those I can I almost wish I couldn’t. Best beer in the world that’s for sure.
    I’ve sent a couple of emails and I’m thinking you may not have received them!?
    I’ll get another to you soon on your personal email. Love MA XX

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