On the road again

We have escaped! The new people arrived and they were lovely. We had a nice night with them on Thursday night … I had cooked a curry and we shared a couple of bottles of wine. They were very keen to find out how everything worked.

The last night the sink clogged up …fortunately John managed to fix it. We would have felt really bad leaving them with that drama.

Yesterday we all had lunch together with friends of the owners that we had met during out stay. All really nice people and we had a lovely plat du jour together, then John and I headed back to the farm, picked up our washing and last minute bits and managed to leave by 5 pm.

John drove for about two hours and then we found this great aire by a river. We walked into town and on the way back ordered a pizza. We were the lady’s last customers, so she very kindly told us to walk back to the aire and she would deliver it for us. Perfect! Pizza and beer in our little box together!

We are currently in a little cafe having a coffee and updating internet. We are heading in the direction of Geneve … not sure where we will stop for the night. We hope to be in Munich by Monday to catch up with Leandra (our travel agent) and family for a night at the Oktoberfest. Then we will head to Lake Starnberg about an hour south to visit Gert and Bea, people that we met in Turkey three years ago and then had a couple of nights with them that same year.

Then we will try and get some quotes for our new van on route to Soest to visit Jochan and Sonja and get ourselves organised for out departure. We will be leaving via car hire to Lille and then train to London …. I think. Appears to be the best escape route at present so we don’t get pinged for overstaying our visa. We are hoping that the French will be the slackest and not notice we have overstayed by two months!



… a couple of photos of the area that we were in … it finally stopped permanently raining and we managed to go for a walk around Uzerche.

So … I am very happy to be back in my little box, on the move again and with something exciting to look forward to!

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