The Farm

Monday it actually stopped raining long enough for me to walk the dogs down to the wood. John was still asleep. I found a horse out of it’s paddock and got it back in. I also found the two pigs out and got them back in.

I started on the van … spent a couple of hours sorting out cupboards, scrubbing the fridge … John turned it off, didn’t clean it and left the door closed! Yum!

Late in the afternoon we went for a walk for an hour and a half to the nearest village … Lagrauliere. Nothing to get excited about but at least it wasn’t raining, even if it was still overcast and very wet under foot. All in all a productive day.

Yesterday I started washing. In the afternoon we drove to Pompadour which is quite a nice town. There was a major horse event happening and we got to watch some dressage.

This guy was ok but didn’t look comfortable on the horse.

This horse went apeshit and we were waiting for her to be thrown.

This foreign legion looking guy was pretty good and knew it.

The castle is one of Richard the Lionhearts. Unfortunately we were too late to go inside. But if you were driving past Pompadour would be worth a look.

Today was washing day again. I also cooked some pumpkin soup and a meal for the visitors that are arriving tomorrow. We got to go for an hour and a half walk. Just nice to be able to get outside.




  1. Dear Lyn, don’t;) You have only two days left and soon this will be just a memory and one more (bad) experience on your European trip;) I keep my fingers crossed that you will be able to leave the farm as planed!!
    As you always say to me:”Be strong!”:)
    Thinking of you both!
    Big hug to make you feel better!

  2. Hello Lyn and John,I have been following your posts and apart from the farm you are entertaining us all with lots of good times. I was pleased to see you got to Mostar as did Jean, the kids and I. From there we bused to my family in Slavonski Brod, on the Zagreb – Belgrade road i have just started (yesterday) my last sit for the year. I am on a 2 week farm sit about 20 kms from Warnambool and 10kms from Port Fairy..and 1160 kms from Kelsie at Mt Gambier. They are visiting this weekend and Jean will be down next Thursday. It is small and only has a few cattle and a cat to keep an eye on. For me it is in parts I have only passed through and now have golf clubs in hand and tourist maps. The weather is clearing, and getting around 20 degrees now.Poor weather kept me indoors at Kelsie’s but I did do 4 days relief teaching to get some space in the last few weeks. It came easy and 2 days were at Penola (1/2 hr north of Coonawarra fame) where my classes averaged 4 to 8 students.. one had over 20. It felt like robbing the SA government.Might try it again, but not sure. Off to Port Fairy today and find some grandchildren friendly playgrounds. It is nice being around them which is why I am here, certainly not for the weather.Take careCharlie Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 17:24:39 +0000 To:

  3. Hahaha. I admire your attempt to make it sound not boring. Couldn’t see you as a farm girl Lyn. Still love getting your blogs. Will try and send you an email soon, and then you will know boring. I have been sick most of Sept but all good now just in time for my holidays so that’s great. Last school day today for me till Nov. going down to Mt Gambier then around. Be in touch soon. Love to you and John boy down on the farm. Xx

  4. Hi
    Please don’t slit your wrists – save it for when you get home and have to face reality big time!! Just enjoy the rest of your stay xxxxx

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