Farm animals

The pigs … well two of them. I don’t have much to do with them. John deals with them. They are usually in a big outside area but the weather is horrible so John has put them in a large shelter so that they can get out of the rain. I kicked my toe while out shovelling up horse poo the other day and it is split open … so a bit scared to go near the pigs. However, I have probably gotten the germs from every other animal in it by now. Lucky I had my tetanus shot before I went to India.

Gilbert the goose … he has stopped hissing at me and eats out of my hand now. So do these two goats … can’t remember their names … they love horse treats …




The dogs in descending order Brisca the epileptic, Nelson the one eyed farter and Izzy the three legged yapper.



The duck and miscellaneous chickens.



The three horses … Gazza, the one in the last photo just shoved me in the back while I was walking the dogs. He was after another horse treat. I reckon they would all kill for those things. God knows what they are made of.



Some of the sheep …

Then there is a photo of the vegetable garden. Then the outside pig pen.

As I said the weather has been horrible and we are stuck inside all of the time and it is pretty miserable. If John gets any lazier he will die. He has spent two weeks on the internet. He just watched a movie on his phone ….???????? We can’t get the DVD player to walk either. The fire works though! John is great at that.

Last night we went and had drinks with some of the local Brits. It was nice to get out of the house. One had a visitor from Australia. She is Scottish and moved to Australia when she was 15 … she is the sister of John Paul Young. That was her claim to fame. She was quite good fun really.


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