Well autumn is certainly upon us in northern Germany. The leaves are turning orange, red and gold and they look fantastic. Of course with them comes the chilly wind and grey skies.

We left Munich and headed to Starnberg to meet up with Bea and Gert. We met them in Turkey three years ago and it was great to catch up again for two nights. They had fantastic news for us … they had just been married! So we were very excited for them and went out to dinner on the first night with them to a great authentic German restaurant in a castle. The next day they both had to work … which was fine … John and I got to wander around Starnberg. The second night I cooked a roast pork dinner for us all and we had another great night. This time Gert could relax and share a drink with us as he didn’t have to drive.

They have acquired the apartment next door to theirs and it was perfect for us as we had the whole apartment to ourselves and we didn’t feel like a nuisance. Bea is a midwife, so she uses this apartment as her study and sleeps there when she is on night shift as Gert works a lot from home … when he isn’t off to Russia or Turkey for work.

It was so good to catch up and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

From there we headed to Metzingen which is the Hugo Boss outlet village. We both managed to buy a few goodies.

We left there late Saturday afternoon and just drove an hour up the road to make today’s drive easier. We arrived in Dortmund about 5 pm and headed straight to the airport to try and sort out a hire car to drop off in Lille …. I don’t think so … the drop off fee into another country is outrageous. So plan B … there isn’t one yet!

We are camped at the Hymer dealer. Fortunately we have hooked into their internet which is great. We will see them tomorrow and sort ourselves out from there. I am very much looking forward to catching up with Jochen, Sonja and baby Jonathon tomorrow night. I haven’t seen them this year and it will be great to see how much Jonathon has grown.

********** I have fantastic news … I have received an email informing me that I have been approved for British Citizenship …. Yea-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to phone them in the morning and try and see if I can do my ceremony later this week. So our plans are completely up in the air at this point, but I am very excited to be accepted. At least we won’t have these sneaking out of the EU dramas next year!



This is a great butcher shop that we had lunch in in Metzingen.


  1. Great news Lyn. Now you will be able to win the cricket again! Visa dramas, goodbye. Lucky you! Who is your Brit rellie. Pretty sure mine are too distant. I am down on the farm sit at Pt Fairy. Very relaxing before heading up to the Grandies on Tues. Quite cold and very windy. You might need help choosing the right farm sits. I really laughed at your farm posts. With not at of course! Xxxxx

  2. Congrats on being a Brit as well as an Aussie, well done. Love those ginormous chrysanthemum topiaries in pots. Never seen flowers growing so luxuriously in a sphere before!
    Glad you and John are having a ball, v exciting about the new van, n look fwd to seeing you at Lach n Ange’s wedding, when I’ll reply to the questions you asked me……
    Had a chin wag with Tilly yesterday, as Lach said, she looked like a Lorna Jean fitness model and excited about her trip to NYNY.
    Riverfire signalled the end of the Brisbane Festival on the weekend, so we celebrated life calming down with Sam n his housemates, Donna and Kev n Joel were here too.
    We have been to many Writers Fest events, Big Sound Music Festival, 3 times to the Spiegeltent which was back at Southbank this year, live and free music at the Wunder Bar in front of QPAC including Deni Hines n other great bands I had never heard of.
    Judith took me to Freeze Frame, a dance/ theatre performance imported to Briz from LA by the Fame people. Loved it all, phew!
    Also made a flying trip to Bowen for a fun wine n beer trade show at the Grand View, great catching up with everyone including Noel who had been celebrating his 70th since the previous weekend.
    Our sweet Bella had her 18th at Gloucester yesterday and all were in party mode, especially Party Auntie.
    Ciao for now n much love
    D n L xx

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