Dusseldorf to Paris

… fabulous florist on Rue Honore …

The motorhome show in Dusseldorf was really good. We now have a bbq … just a plate that looks like a hubcap that you put on top of the rambo (small portable gas stove) … perfect! We also found out details of how to ship the van to and from America. Something to think about in the future.

We also had our Snooper sat nav updated for the price of a beer. We can now get TV on it and we watched CNN (which I detest!) because we were near a big city. It will be interesting to see if you can pick up any other english channels.

We decided that we liked the size of our van best and are very impressed with the latest version of our van which has a full size fridge (for me) and a way more comfortable bench/lounge area (for me again). It is on a Fiat Ducati base and motor which would have to be better than ford and hopefully more powerful. I just have to talk John into it now! It would be nice if it was all organised for us to pick up next year.

… this is a photo of the beer tent that they had set up at the campsite at the Motorhome Show … the Germans are so organised. There were toilets and showers and fantastic emptying facilities for the van. They had a band playing on the Sunday night sponsored by some of the companies … there were food tents, beer tents and a small shop.

We managed to get two new rear tyres before we left Dusseldorf … with a fair bit of hassle but a lot of help from a Ford guy. We have ordered two new ones for when we go back late September to go on the front.

We had a really good drive on Tuesday and ended up in the champagne district which is beautiful. It is the first time that John has been there and he was hugely impressed. I went there briefly eight years ago with Matilda and Jeanie Brkic. It is on our list to visit on the way back to Germany. There aren’t too many areas in France that aren’t beautiful!




… this is where we camped for the night … right on a canal. It was beautiful! …

We called in at the Paris outlet village near Disneyland on the way into Paris. John wasn’t impressed but was very patient and I managed to buy a dress for a couple of weddings coming up.

We parked once again near the apartment and went out to Montmartre for dinner. We had a really nice meal … just fluked it. I had an interesting view of some sort of club where people had to ring the door bell and pay an entrance fee. The woman were all very tartilly dressed for French woman. Interesting place!

John went to check on the van yesterday and our bikes had been stolen. We should have known better … but that is life. They cut the cables … knew what they were doing. So now I have the onerous task of going to the police and filing a report.

John headed off for the farm around noon and made it by 6 pm. Unfortunately I have the flu … not too bad though … so lay down and read in the afternoon. I am reading Shantaram and loving it. It is set in Bombay, India, which I haven’t been to but I can relate it to my trip earlier in the year.

Then last night I went for an hour and a half walk along the Seine. They seem to add new things every time I walk along there. For dinner I called into a restaurant that Ben Poschelk had recommended around the corner from the apartment. I had a pleasant meal and was entertained by some extremely loud Americans who sounded like they had just stepped out of the Wild West. The French gentleman next to me was less than impressed and asked one lady to be quiet. Some of the older French men are miserable old bastards. I think maybe they forget who got them out of their last lot of shit! …. That sounds terrible I am actually very fond of the French but sometimes they can be miserable.

While we are on the subject … it was interesting last week. I had had my hair done in a swanky area and ran straight into Rue Montaigne … the ritziest street in Paris with all of the brands. I went into every one and had a look and even tried some clothes on for fun. It was interesting to note that in every shop there was a Russian shop assistant. What does that tell you. The women in all of the shops were lovely but the men were really stuck up and rude. Interesting.


… people picnicking on the Seine …


… the pond that Teddy fell in … I was lucky I didn’t fall in …


  1. Just caught up on all the blogs. Sounds fantastic. Still trying to work on going back next year even for a short stint. You have certainly given me the bug. Come on Lyn, I want to see a Parisian dress for the wedding.! Will see Daisy and Joe again over the September holidays. Only 2 weeks to go. The beauty of having an extended trip into 3rd term is it makes the term so short.
    Xxx Fi

  2. Hi Lyn , looks and sounds great. The photos of the boats on the canal remind be with fondness od our canal trips in France. We love the champagne area as well..yummy!!!

  3. I am home again now I haven’t been able to send e mails Vera hasn’t got net All well here got home in time for the wine hasting at GV it was good Going to Hamilton with Noel and rob for weekend to see Nellie cath and co Good to be home will be back in Brisbane for the wedding soon looking forw Arc to seeing you all lo ve Love mum

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