I had a great train journey from Paris to Dusseldorf. Served lunch with wine and afternoon tea. Fabulous! Internet the works … The company was Thalys.

Then I caught the ubahn straight to the caravan show … Very easy. John drove in from the Netherlands and we met up. Good to see each other again even though it was only four nights apart. The caravan show is great and the parking for vans is amazing. There must be at least a thousand vans and we are parked up on grass with trees and huge expanses of grass between rows of vans. Very Impressed! Till and I did the Paris show two years ago and it was a nightmare with vans parked right next to each other on bitumen.

Currently in the old town of Dusseldorf at Starbucks getting Internet. Germany is definitely the worst country in Europe for Internet. Bosnia was way better! Nevermind … They are great at other things like cleanliness, transport, trade shows etc etc.

We leave here on Tuesday after getting a couple of new tyres. John had our first flat in holland … He was lucky he was parked up. We will drive to Paris … He will stay one night and then he has to be at the farm by Thursday afternoon. I will train down a few days later.


  1. :))) Laughing because of your comment about the internet in Germany/Bosnia…I have to tell this to my Bosnian friends. They will be proud:)

    Enjoy the fair;)

    xxx to both

  2. You’ll have to take me along to the Dusseldorf show next year. We had an unexpected ball at the Paris one haha. Are you at the farm now? X

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