Paris Wednesday

Thought I should share the view from my bedroom window with you. When this photo was taken it was twinkling!

Not a bad to go to sleep by and wake up to each morning. I have become blaze about it now!

Sunday was a really rainy day and all I wanted to do was stay home and read. But John dragged me to the pool. Of course I was glad that I went. I swam for 1hour 10 min … 50 laps of a 33 metre pool. Doesn’t seem to shift anything though! Must be good for the heart though.

Monday the boys had a grooming appointment … before and after shots …





John and I went and voted at the Australian Consulate … very responsible Australians! Then we went for an hour and a half walk and picked the boys up at 4 pm.

About 7.30 pm I took the boys for another big walk along the Seine. Because they had been clipped, they slipped their collars four times and attacked other dogs. What a nightmare. I was down by the river during one episode … Bear slipped his lead (the big one) so I picked him up and sat on the nearest wooden bench … that happened to be near a pond covered in little green leaves … guess who fell in! Teddy! His grooming didn’t last long. By the time I got home from that walk I was frazzled. Then I had to wash Teddy. He got the cold water treatment though … I was pretty pissed. He survived!

We went out for dinner Monday night … date night. John’s last night in Paris as he left Tuesday morning for northern Holland to compete in the European 505 Championships. I spent the afternoon cleaning up and getting things back to normal.

Today I did more cleaning and then went to the Musee du Quai Branly. It is the 21st century’s first large building project in Paris and opened in 2006. It houses 3500 exhibits on the arts and civilisations of Africa, Asia, the Americans and Oceania.

I particularly liked the South American section. I guess I am used to Asian artefacts.





It is pretty obvious where the current trend for very large jewellery comes from …


This evening I had a chinese massage … it was different. Hope she didn’t do too much damage!

Took the boys for a walk after that. They love the grass … I try and include it when I can.

Saturday I am heading to Dusseldorf to go to the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon … it is the biggest motor home show in Europe and probably the world. I went there years ago and it was great. John will meet me there sometime between Saturday evening and Monday evening. You can park the van right at the venue and they have a great area set up apparently. If John doesn’t arrive until Monday I will get a hotel nearish by.

John very kindly offered for me to have another week in Paris so I have organised that. He will drop me off on the way to the farm. He has to be there by Thursday for the owners to leave Friday.

I am excited to have another week in Paris. I love it!!!!!!!!


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