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Well the flu kicked in on Saturday so I spent most of the day in bed, which I can tell you really p…. me off. I was in Paris on a Saturday and really wanted to enjoy it. Nevermind.

I ended up getting up around 4 pm and had intended to just walk straight to Champ de Mars and do some drawing but as happens in Paris I got waylaid and went in a different direction for a while as I ran across an antique market up the street.

Oh I forget to write down what I did on Friday. I went to Invalides and visited Napoleon’s Tomb etc. It was a bit to “warie” for me so didn’t spend that much time there, although I did enjoy the architecture.


After that I headed to L’Opera to do a tour but found out they only do them on certain days. So fitted in a spot of shopping at Galleries Lafayette … it was right next door.

… Back to Sunday. Slept in, still not feeling too good but pushed myself. Once again I got distracted as soon as I walked out the door as it was Sunday market in my street.




Grabbed a quick coffee and did a bit of drawing. Am enjoying using a fine tipped felt pen and using my coloured aquarelles to do a watercolour wash over it. Then headed to the L’Opera for the tour as planned. I really enjoyed it and the lovely French girl that ran the tour had a very strong accent but was very knowledgable.




It is good to do these things when John is not around because he hates opulence and the waste of money used to create it. That is fair enough in once sense, but on the other hand the buildings that they produce are spectacular and you have to give it to the French they really look after their heritage.

From there I headed to the Petit Palace which is the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts. The entry was free, which surprised me, and I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the whole experience. No screaming hordes of people, just a very refined quiet groups of civilised citizens and visitors. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to get up close to some Renoirs, Cezannes and Pissaros.

I walked home from that very peaceful experience and spent the night watching sex and warfare as I am watching the Game of Thrones series that Jane, one of our sailing friends from Melbourne very kindly sent over to us. I love it!

, C



John is down at the farm and isn’t too worried when I train it down there. He spent Saturday cleaning the house. Lets just say that the owners have a different tolerance than us.

John went to the local rugby last night and said it was a great night. He is starting to work on the van today. I will head down there Wednesday or Thursday and we will use the time to really get the van sorted out and cleaned up to store it away for the winter.

Today for me … a spot of cleaning in the apartment as I have been sick and lazy. Then off to the Saint Germaine area, maybe do the police report on the bikes and then to the Apple shop to sort out a few chargers that aren’t working. You never know what I will wander off and do instead!!!!!

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  1. I know you are realy enjoy in Paris, and I hope you neded me to help about drawing akvarel?and loking for antiquary’s market

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