On Thursday we decided to split up for the day. I headed to the department stores with a view to finding a dress for a couple of weddings coming up. Managed two pairs of shoes and a great clutch to match but no dress!

The photo above is the Brassiere in Printemps. The ceiling there is fabulous … a giant lead light dome. I had a quick coffee.

John decided to catch Bus 69 which takes you from the Eiffel Tower out to a cemetery in the 18 or 20th … can’t remember. He had a nice day and about seven phoned me and suggested he meet me on the Seine with a bottle of wine and the dogs.

So we met up and had a beer, then when we went to open the wine he realised he had left the opener and glasses at home. Where there is a will there is a way. We borrowed a bottle opener … people picnicking everywhere. Emptied our beers, swilled them out with a little wine and then used the beer cans as our glasses. Very couth!!!!!!!!!!! Stopped in at the Irish Pub down the road on the way home for one quick drink and then home for salmon and salad.


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