A night in in Paris

Yesterday John somehow realised he had broken his ipad. Oh no!!!!! He couldn’t possibly live without one. So off to the Louvre and the Apple shop on his scooter. He wants me to start riding one … forget it. I’m talking a scooter that you push with your foot … I would fall over and break my foot!

He had a bit of a day out … Champs Elysee etc. I took the boys for a walk. Then grabbed my shopping trolley, did the grocery shopping and cooked a lasagne.

Last night we had a couple of lovely girls for dinner. Jeri and Miki … great girls and great fun. Jeri is a LA girl … Japanese father and American Indian mother … she works in PR but works from home, so she can live anywhere in the world. She has been in Paris for two years but has decided to move to Rome for a change. She leaves in two weeks. How cool is her job?

Miki is Japanese but born and bred in Brazil. She works for Louis Vuitton … in Galleries Lafayette. She has worked all over the world with them and has been with them for about 10 years. Another fantastic job. She was telling us how many companies they own … Fendi, Dior etc etc.


We really did have fun and ended up at about 3 am … for once I behaved myself and I don’t have a hangover.

Miki brought a fabulous dessert … 4 French Japanese infusion desserts … all different flavours … so we had great fun taste testing and deciding which was the best.

Today I headed to some markets at Avenue de Saxe that the girls had told me about. I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t in full swing as there are still so many people on holidays.




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