Another day in Ljubljana

This is the view from Mount Krim which is 1100 metres high. We stupidly decided to climb it yesterday. It is at the back of Sasa and Seb’s house. Raced off to the starting point, threw a pair of shoes on and some food in a pack. Definitely the wrong shoes. I just put joggers on and it was quite steep. So will definitely loose the toenails on my second biggest toes. Also, I slid on gravel on the way down, fell over and sprained my middle finger. Hope it isn’t broken.

Apart from that, it was fantastic. Nearly bloody killed me! 5 hours all up and I couldn’t talk by the time I got down. Why do I do this to myself? We had been talking about me going and continuing the camino after the farm sit, na!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not until I reorganise this body!

We are about to leave Ljubljana, after a lovely couple of days with the beautiful Sasa. She is so full of energy and so wonderful to us oldies! We hope to have her in our lives forever!

Big drive today across Italy and eventually into France to visit the people at the farm sit. I think John will be driving and I will be sleeping up the back!

One comment

  1. Firstly, you really have to be proud to reach the top of the mountain Krim. I guess I will never climb up there:)

    And you are everything but oldies!!! I have enjoyed every moment you dedicated to me and Val…just hope next time we will spend more days together…maybe we meet in London soon;)

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