A very pleasant drive to Ljubljana, to Seb and Sasa’s house. It is the first time that John has been there.

Fabulous to see Sasa … she gives the best hugs ever! Seb cooked us a very nice lunch and then he had to head off to Rogaska and then back to Croatia.

We had a relaxing afternoon chatting to Sasa and playing with Val. He loves the van and their car … anything that requires a key!



We went for a walk through the village in the afternoon … it is very rural and pretty. There is a hippodrome just down the road with lots of horses and you can hear the cows mooing that live in the little farmles, all of the time. Very relaxing village.

Before Seb left he prepared a meal for our evening meal. Steak tartare … which I have to say I was a bit nervous about and know Sasa well enough that I could tell her. As it turned out it was divine. We had it on hot toast … fabulous. Sasa is going to give me the recipe.



  1. Great pictures:) We really enjoyed the time with you and the house is empty today!! Val was looking for you the whole afternoon….and his first words in the morning were “John”…”Lyn”…
    Hugs and lots of love to both!

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