We arrived in Rogaska and weren’t quite sure where to go as we didn’t have Milan and Minka’s address so we headed straight to Marco’s bar and ran straight into Carlos.

We had a quick drink and then drove to Milan and Minka’s house where we met the gorgeous Val. He is such a happy friendly little boy. Not shy at all … an absolute pleasure to spend time with him.

We had a very pleasant meal with Milan, Minka and Seb and then Seb had to head back to Ljubljana and we had an interesting evening with Milan and Minka.

The next day we had a relaxing morning … met Minka’s next door neighbour, who is also her English teacher. Minka’s English is amazing now – she speaks five languages! Her paintings are fabulous as well. I am so impressed that she works in so many mediums … watercolour, oils, pigments etc. etc. Just to add another string to her bow … she runs a very successful hairdressing salon and very kindly gave me a great haircut.

The photo above is the fabulous fish stew that we had for lunch. I love the way european’s make all of their own jams etc. We had a great blackberry jam for breakfast.


In the afternoon we headed over to Gasper’s vineyard. I was very excited to see Gasper again, he is one of the most outstanding young men that I have ever met. We had fabulous wines, lots of laughs and great food. It is always that way when we are with him.






Then of course we were late for our next appointment, dinner with Carlos and Cartia. We an interesting evening meeting a few of their relatives and catching up with them and their two little boys, but of course drank too much.



Next morning we had a hearty breakfast with Milan and Minka and then headed into town to do a job for Minka, have a cup of coffee and have a walk in the very pretty park in the middle of Rogaska with its gardens brimming with summer flowers.

We were very pleased to run into Sonya, Sasa’s sister, just before we left Rogaska en route to Ljubljana.

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