Bosnia! … then Makarska, Croatia

We had been talking to our waitress in the restaurant last night and asked her about a lake up in Bosnia … she said it was “super”! So we decided to head down the coast a bit and then inland into Bosnia to look at the lake. As it turned out it wasn’t really that “super”!

… Jemima still in Croatia



… Jemima at the lake in Bosnia.

It had taken us an hour to head to the lake. It wasn’t that great but we found a little church down by the shoreline so decided to have a sleep in the shade of the church. Very relaxing!

We decided to head back to the Croatian Coast … so down we went and ended up near some sort of shrine near Makarska. We parked up in the bus car park and cooked a fairly early dinner 7 pm. Followed by a walk up the hill. Below is a photo of the sun on the hills late afternoon.

We both had a fabulous nights sleep and woke up this morning feeling a million dollars. I have been off the grog for two days and am feeling like a much healthier human being.

We went into the shrine and emptied our water this morning because it tasted terrible and stocked up with great water. Then we walked down into Makaska which is where we are writing this email. There are a gazillion tourists here. We had a swim out to a buoy … you don’t see too many people actually swimming … they just bob and sunbake. Ha!

Now in a groovy restaurant drinking coffee and catching up. Done! Phew!



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  1. Good to read all your doings I am looking forward to Matilda and Booz coming tomorrow perfect weather So the beach will be lovely I am going to dinner tonight at mclures Eva is home it is always good to see her. Not much else. Looking forward to seeing rob and terry jan has gone to Sicily with dan and Carla Al is home today I think sorry not much news love mum

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