Eating again … it has been wonderful food. Lunch was a homemade fish pate made from the leftover fish from last night. Followed by mussels that were small and sweet. For dessert today we had an extra bottle of sweet Chardonnay followed by a sleep and a swim. Same old same old … life is tough.

We motored into Korcula … still no wind. Then we headed round to the tennis courts to resume the Slovenia versus Australia competition. Fi, John, Terry and Pete were our team. Robyn and I were water girl and ball girl … not that we did anything, it was too hot. Pete and Terry were our stars and Australia managed to win 2 sets to one. Great jubilation at the end of the game.

We then had to quickly get dressed as Seb had organised another fabulous restaurant for us to go to. We had our own special room overlooking the water. Their specialty was a 5 course degustation menu …. but i’m afraid that we were done. We have all overeaten so much that we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. The waiter was fabulous … explaining the history of everything that we ate or drank … beautiful white and red wine … Grk wines.



We didn’t do too badly though! After dinner we wandered to a fabulous bar for a nightcap … we really needed that too. View from the bar …

I know that this week has been a food blog rather than a travel blog … but we have spent a lot of time eating. Current topic of conversation is what sort of detox are we starting next week! We have been looking at the scenery as well!!!!






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  1. How sad you areas,l havi!g such an awfull time Has Peter shaved his beard off no news here the bulla rams Was a great success noz ‘sore news tIlly and aleck be here soon very windy hope weather gets better soon

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