… leaving Korcula …

When we woke up in Korcula the next day we headed off to have coffee on the island so that the boys could clean the deck down.

We enjoyed the walk around the main town but I have to say that Korcula is my least favourite island in Croatia to date. I went there about eight years ago in the off season and didn’t love it but having said that everybody else raves about it. Horses for courses.

We headed off at 10 am as there was strong wind predicted in the afternoon. We had breakfast on the move and in the afternoon arrived at a lovely bay in Hvar Island. We were on a mooring owned by one of the local restaurants and he came across in his tiny rubber ducky and acted as a tug to push the back of the boat in so that he could grab the rope and wrap it around a bombe. We had a lovely swim … the water was warmer than usual then a great lunch. Followed of course by a little sleep.

… Peter’s egghorn that he created at breakfast! ….




Photos … Tzatziki (spelling?) … Terry loved that … not! Followed by moussaka … last photo … the girls doing it tough!

… the man that ferried us to and from Mon Cheri.



After our sleep the restaurant man came over in his bigger boat and took us to shore where there was a taxi waiting for us … talk about service!

When we got to Hvar town we decided to split up as there were a million tourists and it was too hard. The boys headed up to an old Spanish Fort, the girls had a quick look at the shops then the front harbour. We all met up for drinks. I spotted a painting that I loved in a very groovy bar, so John and I went and tried to suss it out. I have an email address … this is a reminder for me to research it.

We caught a taxi back to our bay and had dinner at the restaurant overlooking the water. Fish stew and illegal mussels that taste divine and cost a bomb!

The man took us back to the boat for a midnight swim … that was safe!!! … not! Followed by a few more drinks.

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